Horton Grand HotelIf you like "Cabaret", you're in the right place, you've found a home, welcome!

This group was created to carry on an open mic event that made its home at Tango Del Rey in Pacific Beach in early 2009 at the hand of Karen Giorgio. Her Monday Night Open Mic was promoted with "standards" as it's primary musical focus. In the fall of 2009, this same weekly open mic event changed hands and continued until early 2013 when it languished and was forced to find a new venue. It was then passed along to Tim Moore to carry it on. Today, Hennessey's Tavern in La Jolla serves as the new home for what is now called, Monday Night OpenMic Cabaret with Tim Moore. The musical emphasis for this weekly event centers primarily on songs from The Great American Songbook and musical theater. It is "built" with enthusiastic amateur singers and active performing artists in mind.

Horton Grand HotelThis terrific group supports anyone and everyone (busineses too) that "feels the call" to contribute or make a statement via musical and theatrical expression at Monday Night OpenMic Cabaret with Tim Moore every Monday night at 7PM.

Horton Grand HotelWith us, you can expect a night filled with presentations that include the combination of story and song in true "cabaret style", a line-up of talented singers, and the stories that personally connect the audience to their songs is the order of the night. You'll find that most performers offer up their stories and songs in our casual yet intimate setting in a way that leaves every member of the audience feeling contacted and personally touched.

Horton Grand HotelThe talented Justin Gray, and Jim Guerin and Cris O'Bryon headline as our musical guides at piano on Monday nights, they are among the very best piano accompanists in San Diego. Make sure to bring your own piano sheet music in the key you sing it and you'll find yourself on stage in the welcoming arms of a warm and supportive crowd as you fill us in on whatever it is about the music/lyrics/life experience that moves you and connects you to your songs and brings them to life for your audience.

Horton Grand HotelAbove all, Monday nights are a platform for a "story in song" theme and reflect a Cabaret-like experience. It is indeed the only weekly musical/theatric entertainment event of it's kind in San Diego. No other venue offers the forum for the brand of artistic expression that you'll find with us. Come spend a Monday night or two with us... you'll be glad you did.